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Thursday | May 26, 2016
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CPU Cooler Roundup - Corsair, Titan and Cooler Master

Titan Fenrir Evo Cooler

Product image Product image
Titan package their cooler in that plastic packaging we all love to hate, something which is disappointing when they could have used a more environmentally friendly cardboard which doesnt need to be cut open, slashing our hands in the process.

Visible through the plastic casing is a sheet of cardboard which gives us some product images and specifications. Inside the casing we find the fan and heatsink protected by a further layer of plastic and the bundled components are located in a separate cardboard box. These include the various brackets, backplates, screws etc required for installation an installation manual, thermal paste and a fan adapter.

Product image Product image

Titan use a weighty 9 fin 12x12x25mm fan on the Fenrir Evo and it has a metallic effect finish. The branding of the fan is Titan and it is a 12v DC/0.32A model which uses a 4pin connector with noise level rated at 35dBA when running at its maximum 2200RPM. This combines with the heatsink to give us a product which has airflow of 66.62CFM and static pressure of 0.14 inch H20.

Product image Product image

Product image

The Fenrir Evo heatsink has a unique black and gold finish on the aluminium fins. Through these fins run four U shaped copper heatpipes which feature a direct contact design. It is worth nothing that the pipes on this model are more tightly packed against the other metal in the CPU block than on the Corsair model which features a similar design.

Finally, the dimensions of the heatsink are 124x107x156mm.

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