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Tuesday | May 31, 2016 Dissertation Abstracts International Part B Science And Engineering.
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Corsair AX1200 Power Supply Review

Corsair AX1200 Power Supply Review

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Corsair AX1200 Power Supply Review


Over the last few years Corsair have built up a fantastic reputation in the PSU marketplace. Go to any technology forum and ask users what brand of power supply the recommend and chances are that the majority of people who respond will mention Corsair. We also know through our own experiences that Corsair’s PSUs are high quality, winning awards on HardwareHeaven frequently however as with many parts of the industry a company is only as good as its most recent product… new models are never guaranteed to be as good as the last.

There are two aspects which immediately filled us with confidence about AX1200 though and those were the 80 Plus Gold Certification… a sign of a high quality unit. Then there was the warranty logo on the box, Corsair cover this unit for 7 years. That is a huge amount of time and a testament to how Corsair feel about this models long term reliability.

Build quality and design are two of the major factors which allow Corsair to achieve gold standard and offer the 7-year warranty and from the moment we opened the PSU it was clear that it excelled in both areas. There was nothing of note to fault; even the selection of bundled cables is perfect. High quality components are used throughout, even down to internal wiring which is cut to exact fits and the design maximises airflow and cooling performance to the point where we can physically notice the improved airflow with cooler exhaust than other models.

The great power circuitry design and build quality, including ceramic capacitors and 4-layer PCB, all combine to offer industry leading electrical performance with Mv P-P being a particular highlight.

In terms of value, an item such as the AX1200 is clearly aimed at the high end of the market and a quick price check shows it to be priced competitively with other 1200w models which is great to see as Corsair could have priced it higher due to the excellent performance.

Finally we have the real world test results where we see the AX1200 handle a high end overclocked GTX 480 SLI / Core i7-980X system with ease. Not only this, it did so with lower noise levels, temperatures and power use than a similar model. All of these aspects benefit the end user with the most important being money saved through high efficiency and lower power draw at the wall.

A near flawless product from Corsair which continues to enhance their reputation for producing the industry’s best PSUs.

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Available from SCAN – £233.97
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Available from Amazon – $278.88

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