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Saturday | July 30, 2016
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Corsair H70 CPU Cooler Review

Corsair H70 CPU Cooler Review

Corsair H70 Review

Corsair H70 – Thermal Performance (4.3GHz)

In our final test we take the 980X CPU up to 4.3GHz using a multiplier of 32 and bus speed of 135MHz. The CPU voltage was set to 1.5v giving a very demanding scenario for each of these coolers.

Benchmark Results

Benchmark Results

In this test we look at one of the most demanding situations that each of these coolers is likely to face, a heavily overclocked 980X CPU running on 1.5v at 4.3GHz. With these settings in place and full load applied to the CPU through Prime95 we see that once again the H70 leads the way in terms of thermal performance. It knocks 6°C off the temperature achieved by its closest rival, the Vantage, and is 9°C lower than the H50.

Noise levels are also interesting. As the H70, H50 and 120 Extreme were all running at maximum RPM in the stock CPU test (2000, 1600, 2000RPM) their noise levels are the same here. The Vantage on the other hand is controlling its fan speed, ramping up from 2000RPM at stock to 2450RPM at our overclocked settings. This increases the noise level difference between it and the H70 with the latter now having a 3.4dBA advantage.

We are sure that there will be some users who wonder what impact a second fan has on the H50, to satisfy that curiosity we have installed a second 1600RPM fan on the H50 giving it a push/pull configuration. With that fan in place the temperature in this test falls by 2°C to 81°C showing there is some benefit to having a second fan on the H50. We do however increase the noise level of a quiet cooler by doing this, and increase the cost of ownership without coming close to H70 performance.

Benchmark Results

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