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Sunday | July 31, 2016
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Corsair 600T Case Review

Corsair 600T Case Review

Corsair 600T Case Review


As with many of their recent product releases Corsair had some very high expectations to meet with the 600T, mainly due to the excellent quality of their other cases. So how did they do?

Starting with the build quality we have a chassis which is extremely high quality. The painted finish of the 600T is excellent. The steel construction feels solid and there are no issues with drive bay covers being too loose or flimsy. In addition to this, the plastic sections used on the edges of the case are high quality and feel solid rather than flimsy. All of the joints fit together well and there are no rough edges in any part of the case.

Looking to the design aspects the 600T will appeal to those who were not keen on the box like design of the 700/800D. The 600T is a much more refined chassis and really does look lovely with its curved edges and black/grey design. The front panel connectors are well placed for easy access and it is great to have a USB 3.0 port as well as four 2.0 connectors and a fan control dial. The latches to open the side panels are easy to use and we can remove the top and front grills with a simple push action. Inside the user friendly design continues with tool free drive installation (3.5"/Optical) and the ability to move our drive caddies for maximum airflow or compatibility with extended graphics cards is a bonus. Corsair also allow us to install 240mm radiators or 2x12cm fans in the top exhaust location (inside or outside) and the use of a large back-plate cut-out as well as plentiful wiring holes makes system building quick, easy and tidy.

Is there anything we would have changed? Only very minor things. It would have been good to see Corsair including 8-pin power wire extender as the distance to pass the cable along the back of the motherboard could cause issues for some power supplies. We would also have preferred to see a SATA power cable used for the fan controller, rather than Molex. Finally, like the 700D we feel the plastic drive brackets are a little flimsy and should be redesigned slightly.

On the performance front the 600T excels. The fans used by Corsair are quiet, even at their maximum RPM and the temperatures recorded on our test system were excellent for a mid-tower system. This means that regardless of the components installed, and there really are very few restrictions on this front due to the large main chamber, the 600T will ensure they are cooled to an optimal level.

Finally we have value, at $160/£130 with a 2 year warranty the 600T is $30/£25 less than a case like the HAF X and so is priced very attractively.

Once again Corsair has produced a high quality, easy to use, flexible chassis which impresses on every level. There really is no reason to consider alternative mid-tower cases.

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