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Tuesday | December 6, 2016
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Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days (PS3)

Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days (PS3)

Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days

Kane & Lynch 2 – Dog Days Review

The first Kane and Lynch was a crime game with a difference. Gone were the sanitary and sterilised views of crime that had become popular in the virtual world, that allowed players to chortle their way through mass murder and mayhem. Instead, here was a title that showed the grubby world which low end criminals often inhabit. The first game was met with mixed reviews, some lauding it for its grimy backdrop, others criticising its lack of innovation and flawed co-op system. Changes had to be made before the sequel saw the light of day.

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http://gnrexim.com/help-writing-a-essay-for-a-scholarship/ Help Writing A Essay For A Scholarship Essaywriter Co Uk Review Gameplay It’s got to be said from the start that while a lot of attention has been paid to trying to reinvent the feel and look of this sequel – more on that later – the gameplay doesn’t seem to have been improved or altered that radically from the original. While the storyline and situations might be different, the game generally seems content to serve up large helpings of shoot outs against vast numbers of faceless goons and really there’s little else by way of a sophisticated twist. Sure, many games get by on this alone but those games aren’t highly publicised, expensive sequels to first efforts that had glimpses of real promise. A little more of an evolution in the game mechanic really would have been appreciated.

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Essay Experts Toronto Reviews As for single player , well having Kane limp along behind adds little more to the gameplay than if Lynch were to have had a third arm grafted on to his body. The NPC Kane is an extra gun that occasionally will give a coup de grace to a wounded foe, or covers a direction that isn’t in the field of view. Other than that, it adds nothing to the game. Bring a friend to the proceedings and the short campaign gets shorter and a little more fun but not particularly any easier.

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A lot has to be said about the approach this time around. The action is viewed as if filmed by a low-fi DV camera and the game looks like a YouTube video if that site was the sole preserve of murderers and maniacs. Still, there is some restraint… Gore and nudity are blurred out by those pixelated smears familiar to anyone who has watched COPS. The camera shakes if players sprint somewhere as if there was some huffing and puffing camerman struggling to catch up and when things get really hairy the camera deliberately breaks up, fake tearing appearing on the screen that might prompt a player or two to tap their TVs. Stylistically it’s interesting but in practice it fails to add anything and graphically it could even be argued it’s a backward step for the franchise.

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The cut-scenes carried the first game, creating a modern pulp crime thriller with a twist and holding together some fairly thin passages of play. The voice work here sounds as tired as jaded as the titular Kane is supposed to be. The psychotic episodes of Lynch have a cartoon feel to them and really, when people aren’t just cursing and grumbling, the only thing on offer here is melodrama of the worst kind.

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The game has fallen into a trap a lot of sequels do – the belief that the characters can carry the weight of a franchise on their substantial shoulders. Perhaps true in some cases, in this one it’s an error of judgement. Kane and Lynch were never meant to be that likeable in the first place and the fact is here they are little more than simpler versions of their past selves, distilled down to their base components. It’s also true that no matter how good a character is if they are put in mundane situations there is very little they can do to make it seem exciting. As a result all the firefights and murders are so run of the mill that the game rarely feels like it’s the action packed, gritty thriller it purports to be.

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Gameplay 65/100 Single player is repetitive and simple. Some extra development time and playtesting would really have benefited this area. Only for those who want to have a blast for a few hours without too much thought… online multiplayer is an improvement, offering something different to other titles.
Graphics 62/100

Audio http://gillianmay.ca/?multilinguism-phd-dissertation Multilinguism Phd Dissertation 62/100 Voice acting is erratic and inconsistent. The cut scenes seem to make little sense at times. Sound effects are functional but nothing to write home about.
Value Writing College Admissions Essay 10 Steps 65/100 Not only can the single player campaign be completed by a novice in around six hours but there’s no reason to replay it at all. Multiplayer modes rescue it from being a one play title.
(Not an Average)
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