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Tuesday | May 24, 2016
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NVIDIA GeForce GTS 450 Graphics Card Review

NVIDIA GeForce GTS 450 Graphics Card Review

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NVIDIA GTS 450 Review featuring Gigabyte, Gainward and Zotac

GTS 450 vs. GTX 460 and GTS 250

Throughout this review we have seen how the 450 compares to the 5700 series. There is however one other comparison which is useful and that is to see how the new card compares to a standard GTX 460 and the older GTS 250. For that test we have set Crysis Warhead to run at 1680×1050 with enthusiast settings.

Benchmark Results

Product image Product image

As expected the GTS 450 performs at a level below the GTX 460 while at the same time improving on the performance of the card it replaces, the GTS 250. Those on the older architecture who are looking to upgrade will get DirectX11 support as well as an additional 5-7 frames per second (average) if moving to the GTS 450.

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