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AMD Radeon 6870 and 6850 Graphics Card Review

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AMD RADEON 6870 and 6850 Review,featuring XFX 6870, PowerColor 6870, Gigabyte 6850 and Sapphire 6850

AMD Radeon 6800 Overview

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As we mentioned in the introduction to this article the 6800 series is not a new product from AMD, that will come later. For the 6800 series AMD took the 5800 series GPU and optimised it, improving functionality at the same time to create a GPU which has features which are now expected of GPUs as well as bringing a new performance per watt and performance per mm2 to the market.

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Product image Why Im Proud To Be An American Essay For the improved outputs on the 6800 series manufacturers have the option of including HDMI 1.4a and DisplayPort 1.2. One of the main benefits of this is reasonably obvious, HDMI 1.4 allows us to connect the 6800 to a 3D TV and take advantage of 3D Blu-Ray.

Product image Buy Essays Cheap Com As shown above the reference output layout for the 6800 series is also different to the 5800. As with the older generation Eyefinity is supported and manufacturers can give consumers the ability to power up to 6 displays on one 6800 series card, four more than the competitions single GPU solution and three more than the competing multi-GPU offering. Master Thesis Fpga

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