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Chillblast Fusion Challenger PC Review

Chillblast Fusion Challenger System Review

Persuasive Speech Smoking There are three types of desktop systems available to consumers. First up are the generic pre-built models which are mass produced and sold in large electronics stores. Then we have self builds which are created by those who are knowledgeable enough to take individual components and combine them in a system which will often offer higher performance, more features or better value than the pre-built alternatives. Building a system can be a little daunting though and so for consumers who want more of the latter with the minimal stress of the former there are companies such as Chillblast who will take the consumers selection of components, based around a price bracket or particular chassis and build the system before sending it out to the consumer. (Chillblast are UK based but can send worldwide).

Chillblast don’t just do the hardware build though, they also install the operating system/software and where appropriate will tune the system for higher performance, for example overclocking a processor to a higher (safe) level.

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