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Monday | May 2, 2016
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ECS H67H2-M and H67H2-I Mini-ITX Motherboards Review

ECS H67H2-M and H67H2-I Mini-ITX Motherboards Review

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ECS H67H2-M and H67H2-I Mini ITX Motherboards Review


Looking first at build quality and design, ECS have delivered two boards which impress. Each uses solid capacitors and proven components such as Realtek GB LAN controllers and the H67H2-M goes a little further by adding a good quality heatsink and heatpipe design. We would have liked to see NEC USB 3.0 controllers rather than Etrontech as NEC have proven they can delivery frequent driver updates and compatibility but the performance of the controller ECS have used is not in question.

Speaking of performance, the two ECS H67 boards delivery on that front too. The use of SATA 6GB/s and USB 3.0 means our devices have the ability to run at their full potential and ECS also allow us to take advantage of full speed PCIe x16 cards, even on the H67H2-I board which means we can install any recent discrete graphics card and maximise gaming performance.

At the time of writing we are still waiting for prices from ECS however past experience tells us that they will be very competitive on that front. An update will be provided as soon as we have pricing.

The ECS H67H2-M and H67H2-I offer consumers an attractively priced entry into the new H67/2nd Generation Core platform. Up to date technologies such as SATA 3 and USB 3 are fully supported and performance is in line with Intel’s own motherboards. The H67H2-I is particularly impressive as it gives us full desktop performance in a mini ITX form factor.

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