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Sunday | July 31, 2016
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XFX 6870 Black Edition (Dual Fan) vs Inno3D GTX 560 Ti OC vs GTX 570 vs 6950

XFX 6870 Black Edition (Dual Fan) vs Inno3D GTX 560 Ti OC vs GTX 570 vs 6950

XFX Radeon 6870 Black Edition Dual Fan VS Inno3D GTX 560 Ti OC VS GTX 570 VS Radeon 6950


As the point of this article is to look at the performance of each card when overclocked it is worth going over the choice of clock speeds used. For the GTX 570 we have gone with the highest overclock currently available on a retail card, 840MHz core with 975MHz memory. For the 6870 we are making use of a factory overclocked model which uses 940MHz core and 1150MHz memory, bumped up to 970MHz on the core to match the fastest retail version we have seen.

The 6950 card on the other hand do not currently have any decent overclocked retail models to base the testing on so we have set it to their maximum rating available in Overdrive. We also increased PowerTune to its maximum setting. This gives us a core 840MHz with memory at 1325MHz.

Finally for the GTX 560 we used the stock speed of 950/1075MHz as that is actually the fastest retail Ti card we have seen to date.

Product image Product image
GTX 570 Radeon 6870 BE

Product image Product image
GTX 560 Radeon 6950

In addition to this we also overclocked our 980X CPU to 4.4GHz and set our DDR3 to 1866MHz.

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