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XFX 6870 Black Edition (Dual Fan) vs Inno3D GTX 560 Ti OC vs GTX 570 vs 6950

XFX 6870 Black Edition (Dual Fan) vs Inno3D GTX 560 Ti OC vs GTX 570 vs 6950

8. F1 201010. HAWX 2

XFX Radeon 6870 Black Edition Dual Fan VS Inno3D GTX 560 Ti OC VS GTX 570 VS Radeon 6950

Napoleon: Total War – DirectX 9

Napoleon Total War offers a few significant technical/graphical improvements over Empire. There is better multi-core support which improves performance and the variation of soldiers and naval rigging onscreen. Additionally the new unit rendering system offers a greater variety of units, giving us up to 64 per unit compared to 4 in previous games. Particle effects are also enhanced with 5x the number of particles in any given effect compared to the last Total War game and post processing is used more effectively for climate, season and weather effects.

It doesn’t stop there though, Creative Assembly have added subtle lens flare and camera vignette to the battlefield lighting model and re-implemented SSAO to work as a light attenuator rather than a full screen effect. Finally there are enhancements such as weather dependant particle effects (mist/fog, dust and leaves) as well as parallax-mapped high detail terrain and heat hazes as required.

Testing was performed at 1920×1080 with 2x anti-aliasing and 16x anisotropic filtering. All in game settings were at their maximum level.

Benchmark Results

Benchmark Results

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With the next instalment of the Total War franchise due for release in the not too distant future it is worth taking a look at the most recent game in the series, Napoleon. In this test, which still demands a lot of our high end products, we see the GTX 570 is once again the performance leader, a little ahead of the 6950. The GTX 560 finishes above the 6870 on average framerates but the situation is reversed on the minimum reading where XFX have the advantage.

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