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Friday | May 27, 2016
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Alienware M17x R3 – 3D Vision Gaming Laptop Review

Alienware M17x R3 – 3D Vision Gaming Laptop Review

16. Mafia 2 - 3D Gaming18. Media Playback

Alienware M17x R3 (3D Vision) Gaming Laptop Review

Media Encoding

Video Encoding

Our first media encoding test uses the latest CS5 software from Adobe. This software accesses all of the cores/threads available on our processors and is therefore an ideal application for media enthusiasts. To test performance we run a 1920×1080 file (custom recording) through the encoder set to 1080p 24 HQ using the H.264 Blu-Ray codec within the application.


GPU Assisted Media Conversion
Our second media encoding test takes a 4GB 1920×1080 file and converts it with Arcsoft Media Convertor 7 to iPad format with GPU assistance.


Music Encoding
Our music conversion test takes an 18 track lossless album and converts it using dBpoweramp into 128Kbps Mp3 format. dBpoweramp is a multi-threaded application which allows us to convert a track on each core/thread, at any one time.


In these tests we again see the gap in performance between the desktop 2600/2500K CPUs and the M17x with the lowest specification CPU. As before we could of course add a higher specification model during the purchase process to close the gap but it is worth considering, as an example, that 40 seconds to convert a full 80minute CD is incredibly fast and achieved on the slowest CPU option.

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