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OCZ Vertex 3 240GB SSD Review Get Essay Written Online

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OCZ Vertex 3 240GB SSD (Solid State Drive) Review

4K QD32 Performance (CrystalDiskMark) Literature Review Purchase Intention In this test a mechanical drive such as the Barracuda XT or VelociRaptor score around 2.0/1.5MB/s which gives us a baseline figure for performance. Writing An Admission Essay English How To Write Persuasive Speech Mba Admission Essay Buy Writing

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Dissertation Consulting Service Uk Drives really have come a long way haven’t they? From the Raptor, a few years ago hitting 2MB/s in this test to the Vertex 3 now getting close to 300MB/s the difference is quite staggering. In addition to being far faster than a mechanical drive we can also see that the Vertex 3 is a huge leap over the last generation (F240) and the closest competitor, the C300 which also uses the SATA3 interface.

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