Roccat Kova Plus Gaming Mouse Review

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Roccat Kova[+] Gaming Mouse Review

User Experience and Conclusion

The KOVA[+] is a soft coated palm grip mouse that supports either left of right handed play. The ambidextrous nature of the KOVA[+] ensures that the mouse is more or less symmetrical and creates a very good looking design.

Configuring the KOVA[+] is straight forward using the software provided by ROCCAT. The number of options to tweak are numerous and while the KOVA[+] is good to go out the box we found that by spending some time configuring the mouse for the games we play regularly we were able to enhance this experience further.

The KOVA[+] is quite a light mouse, weighing in at only 90g with 12×6.5cm at its maximum dimensions. This makes it very easy to move around, and playing games with the KOVA[+] for extended periods is very comfortable. Additionally each of the buttons on the KOVA[+] are easy to reach and the default EasyShift [+] button is located next to the natural position of the thumb (when using the mouse in right handed mode) making that feature very simple to use. Of course each of the button settings can be altered via the software configuration panel.

The illumination included on the KOVA[+] is subtle though very effective. In low light conditions the KOVA[+] looks very nice when it’s running through its colour cycle. With its style being based on the Lamborghini Reventon the positioning of the lights made us think of the front and rear lights on the car. If this is intentional then it’s a very nice tie in to the overall design of the KOVA[+].

With the KOVA[+] ROCCAT have managed to enhance the original and essentially it improves on the previous version without changing any of the features we liked. The software suite really opens up the power of the KOVA[+], and with the EasyShift[+] feature it makes this mouse a very attractive option for any mainstream gamer.

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