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Wednesday | July 27, 2016
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Corsair GS800 Power Supply Review

Corsair GS800 Power Supply Review

Corsair GS800 Power Supply Review


Starting with build quality of the unit the GS800 has the same look and feel as the other products in Corsairs range. It has a good finish, feels well-built and has cable braiding with durable rubber ends which is good to see considering this is a lower priced range of PSUs. Inside we find good quality components also, even down to the fan which was previously used on the TX950w, a higher specification PSU.

The GS800 is based on a CWT design and overall we have no issues with the layout used though one point is worth discussing. The use of an LED fan will appeal to some users, for others it is useful to know that one of the settings is off. Where we have a minor concern though is in the usefulness of the feature. It is fair to say that the trend for case designs nowadays is for a bottom intake on the PSU for those units the LED fan would normally be facing the base of the case so won’t have the effect of an older case layout with the fan glowing downwards into the main chamber.

For performance we have a PSU which does well across the board. Readings are not up to the standard of Corsairs more expensive units but they still compare well with the competition and we were pleased to see the unit pass tests such as AC ripple with ease. Additionally, the GS800 also powered our Core i7 system with GTX 580 GPU without issue.

So that brings us to value, at £80/$120 the GS800 is priced appropriately and backed by a 3-year warranty and Corsairs standard support which includes aspects such as an active user forum.

A good PSU which will serve any gamer well should they not be able to afford one of Corsair’s higher specification units.

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SCAN – £80.72
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Corsair – $119.99

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