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Intel 510 Series 250GB SSD Review The Metamorphosis Essays Fsu Essay Help Master Degree Thesis Computer Science

Intel Solid-State Drive 510 Series (250GB) Review
Intel use a lovely looking, sturdy metal casing on their SSDs and attached to the top is a sticker which gives the model name, firmware version and various drive certification details. Turning the unit over we can see the SATA 6GB/s connector and the four screws which allow us access to the inside.

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Should Homework Be Given To Students Speaking of the inside, here is a look at the green PCB used by Intel. Attached to it, rather than an Intel controller, is a Marvell88SS9174-BKK2 controller alongside eight Intel MLC NAND flash chips and 128MB of Hynix DDR3 cache. The 34nm NAND used by Intel are branded 29F16B08JAMDD and there is another block of eight chips on the back of the PCB which give the drive a formatted capacity of 232GB in Windows 7. Purchase Intention Dissertation

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