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Friday | May 27, 2016
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MSI GX660R Gaming Laptop Review

MSI GX660R Gaming Laptop Review

6. Lighting8. Specification / Test Software

MSI GX660R Gaming Laptop Review

MSI Software / BIOS

Product image Product image

Product image

The first screenshots above show the software installed on the GX660R before it leaves the factory. It is a good build with very few extras, ensuring the system is almost bloat free. Items of note are Flash and WinDVD being pre-installed. The only minor issue, though easily fixed, is the use of Norton Internet Security which is far too intrusive and MSI would be better to use Microsofts Security Essentials or AVAST. In the second screenshot above we have the system rating for Windows 7 64-bit (the default OS choice on the GX660R).

Product image Product image

MSI use an Aptio BIOS for the GX660R and this version offers all of the standard functionality such as choosing boot order and enabling/disabling components such as USB.

Also worth mentioning is that BIOS updates on the GX660R are performed in DOS, we run a .bat file provided by MSI and it flashes the BIOS and is a simple process with very little user interaction which is ideal for novices.

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