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Tuesday | December 6, 2016
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Total War: Shogun 2 (PC)

Total War: Shogun 2 (PC)

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Total War: Shogun 2 (PC) Review

Total War: Shogun 2 (PC) Review

Yesterday was a tough day. It started like any other day as I woke to the sound of birds chirping on my window sill and the sun creeping in through a crack in the curtains. I headed downstairs and filled my stomach with a good ol’ English breakfast then logged on to the PC to continue my review of Total War: Shogun 2. That’s where things went wrong. You see, I had stupidly decided that it would be a good idea to attack an ally, pillaging their army and city and taking their land. It was all too easy given the size and strength of the army I had at my fingertips, yet just as quickly as I’d taken their land the rest of the clans had turned on me, deeply upset that I had dishonoured them. I watched as trade stopped, my economy collapsed, resentment grew within my own city walls and civil war eventually broke out, tearing my empire apart from the inside.

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Essay Writers In Nursing Gameplay How To Write Synopsis For Phd Thesis On English Literature As mentioned the series has taken a different direction after the continental affairs that were Empire and Napoleon. Times are tough in Japan as the current shogunate’s grip of the nation loosens, leaving the country in the grips of civil war as each of the nine clans look to become the next ruler of Japan. Players will select which clan to lead into the battle and as the Daimyo (clan leader) they will be tasked with the financial and military growth of their own clan whilst suppressing any challengers, eventually claiming power of Kyoto and becoming the new Shogun. College Essay Help

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How To Write An Application Essay For College There comes a point in the game where diplomacy goes out the window and that is as our clan hits ‘Legendary’ status. This feature in the game means that once the players clan becomes the biggest threat on the map the current Shogun declares war and enemy clans use it as an excuse to attack whilst former allays see it as an opportunity to grow. It guarantees a lively end game and has been put in place in order to stop the free run to the finish line that plagued the original Shogun all those years ago. So, regardless of the friends or enemies made along the way, in the end players must march their troops onto the battlefield and take what is rightfully theirs. Building an army capable of doing that takes time and effort and can be extremely rewarding. It also appears to be the area of the game that Creative Assembly devoted most of their time to, given the variety of troops made available to players. As always the core of the military force is made up of infantry, archers and cavalry, yet how they arm themselves for battle depends entirely on the players choice of technology to research and structures to build, meaning there are a huge amount of variations in how the armies are kitted out throughout the game.

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Birth Order Literature Review Another perfect example of the huge level of detail gone into the game is the ability to recruit various agents and generals, each of which can be crafted in very specific ways and build numerous skill-sets to help gain the advantage over an opponent. Firstly we have the ninja, the ancient times Black Ops agent and a master in the art of deceit, players can have their ninja swoop in and dispatch of an enemy clans commander mid-battle, leaving his army in disarray and paving the way to victory. Then we have the Metsuke, the Sengoku-era SS agent, used to hunt down opposing forces ninjas and bribe their army generals. There are a number of different generals and special agents and each can come in handy for a particular task. The game is incredibly engrossing and players will find themselves lost in their 15th century world for hours on end before they even think about the battlefield. Yet the game doesn’t truly come to life until players are in the midst of a battle or siege on an enemy location. Can A Research Paper Be In First Person Essay For Uc Admission
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Graphics The world Creative Assembly have created is completely spectacular. Everything is styled in medieval Japanese art and writing, from the scrawlings on the menu to the beautifully decorated panels and banners carried into battle by the troops. Whilst the players are bombarded by various Haiku’s or famous quotes throughout the game, instilling the sense of immersion that make the game so great. The detail put into infantry, archers and cavalry is also awe inspiring. Each and every soldier will have intricate designs, armoury or facial expressions, from mental hats to mental moustache’s whilst the campaign map is also beautifully constructed, it may well be the most beautiful fog of war we’ve ever come across.

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Once more the attention to detail paid by Creative Assembly is unbelievable and the sound effects are spectacular. After winning battles soldiers celebrate with a sense of vigour that makes it believable whilst losing will leave the battle commander fuming at his troops, we could almost feel the anger escape as he screamed at his dishonourable military force.

Carl Skinner Dissertation Year Round School Help With Write A Dissertation 2 Days Creative Assembly have achieved something spectacular with Total War: Shogun 2. There really isnt anything which could be considered a real issue with the game. Sure there are a few niggles and areas that could have been better, such as long load times, but on the whole the game is as near to perfect as it can get.

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Gameplay 98/100 Probably the most immersive and brilliant game we’ve come across. Intelligent AI, difficult to deal with enemy factions and supremely fun battles make for some fantastic action.
Graphics 95/100 One of the best looking worlds ever created. Heavily influenced by Japanese culture and beautifully constructed it’s a joy to behold.
Audio Powerpoint Presentation Of Master Thesis 90/100 Excellent sound-track which changes depending on the situation is mirrored by brilliant speech and sound effects that will have players hearts pounding in the heat of battle.
Value 95/100 Excellent sound-track which changes depending on the situation is mirrored by brilliant speech and sound effects that will have players hearts pounding in the heat of battle.
(Not an Average)
Buy Research Papers 98/100 Probably as close to perfect as is possible.

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