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Friday | July 29, 2016
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Alienware M18x Laptop Review

Alienware M18x Laptop Review

Alienware M18x Laptop Review

Battery Life, Power Consumption, Temperatures and Noise

To test the temperature and power use of the system we let the system idle at the desktop for 15 minutes and then took a reading for each aspect. Load tests were performed after 15 minutes of Prime95 and Furmark running the CPU and GPU at 100%.

  Idle Load (Single GPU)
CPU 47°C 81°C
GPU 49°C 68°C
Power 36w 185w

Probably the most impressive result in the above table is the idle power reading for the M18x, with no activity other than sitting at the Windows desktop it runs on 36w with the CPU/CPU less than 50°C. When we apply load to the system the temperatures do increase, as does the power draw but 185w is still a decent figure for the performance we are achieving. We also noted that the base of the system remained cool at all times, all of the heat was being exhausted out of the back which allows us to use the laptop on our legs comfortably.

Here is an example of the system noise level at full load.

Battery performance was recorded in three scenarios. The first during general use with tasks such as writing in Word, surfing the net, watching YouTube and listening to some music. For movie playback we were running a 3D Blu-Ray in fullscreen mode with 75% volume and gaming was a session of BulletStorm at 1920×1080 with maximum detail. Charge time was recorded while the system ran in general use mode.


Overall there are some good times in the above set of results, quite surprising considering the components used in the system and the size of screen. We can use the M18x for over 3 hours before needing a charge and even watch a movie or play some games for a decent amount of time.

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