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Thursday | May 26, 2016
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Intel 320 Series 300GB SSD Review

Intel 320 Series 300GB SSD Review

4. Test System and Methodology6. Crystal DiskMark

Intel Solid-State Drive 320 Series (300GB) Review

Maximum Read / Write

Benchmark Results

SiSoft Sandra’s disk benchmark allows us to run a synthetic test on the various drives which are being covered today, letting us see an average read/write rating as well as the peak speed achieved on each model.

For our comparisons in this review we have tested a mechanical drive similar to those which are installed as standard by laptop manufacturers. This allows us to show the benefits for consumers who intend on moving from a similar drive to a new SSD. The F240 is included to show how the 320 series compares to a drive considered as best in class for the SATA2 generation of SSDs.

So looking at the maximum speeds achieved in SiSoft Sandra we see that the 320 series offers far superior performance to a mechanical drive, it is a completely different league of performance. Looking to the comparison with a SandForce 1200 based model we see that the 320 scores at a similar level on read performance with writes not quite at the level of the F240.

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