Sapphire Roundup – Radeon 6950 fleX, 6870 fleX, 5850 Xtreme, 5830 Xtreme and X58 Pure Black

2. Radeon 5830 Xtreme4. Radeon 6870 fleX

Sapphire Round-up: Radeon 6950 fleX, Radeon 6870 fleX, Radeon 5850 Xtreme and Radeon 5830 Xtreme featuring Sapphire X58 Pure Black Motherboard Review

Sapphire Radeon HD 5850 1GB Xtreme Graphics Card

The 5850 Xtreme is packaged in a smaller box than the 5830 but sticks with the same Sapphire style. Inside we find an identical bundle to the 5830 on the last page, including the invitation to join Sapphire Select Club with its access to free software and competitions.

The 5850 Xtreme, as with the 5850 models which were originally released, is actually a smaller card than the 5830 (and 5870) by around 1 inch. There are however many similarities between the two Xtreme models such as the silent fan which sits over the three copper heatpipes and aluminium fins or the single CrossFire connector and blue PCB.

For the display outputs this card has a full sized DisplayPort connector, HDMI and single dual-link DVI. Over on the opposite end of the card we find two six pin connectors.

The 5850 is a 40nm Cypress GPU which contains 1440 Stream Processors, 72 texture units and 32 ROPs. The core is connected to the 1024MB of Elpida GDDR5 via a 256-bit bus.The core used for the 5850 is set to 725MHz with memory at 1000MHz and as with all 5800 series cards this model supports DirectX 11 with Shader Model 5/DirectCompute, PCI-Express 2.0 and Blu-Ray acceleration via ATI Avivo.

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