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ASUS RoG Crosshair V Formula and MSI 990FXA-GD80 Motherboards Review Online Help For Homework Diversity Leadership Essay

AMD 990X Chipset Launch featuring ASUS Republic of Gamers Crosshair V Formula and MSI 990FXA-GD80 Motherboards

ASUS Republic of Gamers Crosshair V Formula (990FX)

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The now familiar Republic of Gamers branding and box design is used once again for the latest Crosshair board, now on version 5 of the Formula series and we get some decent product information around the box and under the front flap. Inside the motherboard and bundle are separated into two separate boxes and included with this board is a huge amount of extras. These include SLI and 3-way SLI bridges, a crossfire connector, padded IO shield (Q-Shield), drive cables and a USB cable for the boards RoG Connect which allows us to monitor and control the system from an external device such as a laptop.

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Evaluation Paper The board itself is similar in appearance to the Crosshair IV Formula, using a red and black colour scheme to great effect. A large passive heatsink is used to cool the area surrounding the CPU and this features a single heatpipe to move heat between the three sections around the 8+2 phase power components. Further down the board we see a second, smaller heatsink on the boards Southbridge chipset. Management Phd Quality Thesis Total

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Is Personal Writers Real Down at the bottom left of the 30.5×24.4cm PCB we find on-board power and reset buttons which sit beside the one touch overclock button. This allows novice users to have the board configure itself for safe overclocking settings, maximising performance of the components installed. To the left of these we find our Realtek based 7.1 audio chip which is certified to work with Creative X-Fi 2 software and then we have our PCI/PCIe slots. On the Crosshair V Formula these run from PCIe 16x through PCIe 1x, PCIe 8x, PCI, PCIe 16x to PCIe 4x. This means that AMD and ASUS are suggesting that users use slot 1 and 3 for dual GPU configurations, leaving plenty of airflow for the top graphics card. Dissertation Using Qualitative Research Methods

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Research Papers On Yellow Fever Up at the top right of the board we find our dual channel memory slots, these are capable of holding 32GB of DDR3 and speeds of up to 2133MHz are officially supported. Beside the slots we see a standard 24-pin PSU connector and board status LEDs. To the left of these a red header which provides us with front panel USB 3.0 connectivity via the ASMedia USB3 controller that sits beside the memory slots. In the very corner of the board we also find voltage monitoring points and the ASUS GO button for easy selection of boot profiles. Best Buy Article New York Times Writing A Reaction Paper

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Product image Product image Dissertation Services In Uk Doctoral Back when the P67 chipset was launching for Intel we saw motherboard manufacturers start to move in earnest to GUI based BIOS layouts with mouse and keyboard functionality. Until now AMD boards had remained on the traditional style but that changes with these latest boards. Upon turning on the Crosshair V Formula we are presented with layout and functionality which is near identical to the Intel boards ASUS offer. We can go with basic settings which are displayed on one screen or move to advanced mode for full control of the system and it is great to see that ASUS EZ-Flash 2 is still present for quick and simple BIOS updates from a USB drive.

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Product image Product image Write An Essay About Drug Addiction Once in Windows we have the option to use AMD Overdrive to control the motherboard or alternatively we can go with AI Suite, ASUS own software. This suite of applications gives us huge control over the Crosshair V Formula so that me can maximise performance and tweak energy saving to our needs. Olympic Homework Help

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