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Sunday | May 29, 2016
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Cooler Master Silencio 550 Chassis Review

Cooler Master Silencio 550 Chassis Review

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Cooler Master Silencio 550 Chassis Review

Test System / Temperatures

Cooler Master Silencio 550

Intel Core i7-920
4 x 1GB Crucial DDR3-1600
ATI Radeon HD 5850
Intel DX58SO
1 x 60Gb SSD OS
Antec Formula 7 Paste
Corsair A70 CPU Cooler
Corsair TX750 PSU

Case temperatures were measured using AIDA64, Realtemp GT and GPUz after 10 minutes of the case sitting with no activity and 10 minutes of each load test. Load was applied to the system using Prime95 and Furmark. Ambient room temperature during testing was 25°C.

(NOTE: The object of this test is not to compare the results with alternative products as there are too many factors which can impact thermal performance.)

Cooler Master Silencio 550 – Temperatures

Temperature Chart

The Silencio 550 is a very quiet case, running near silent even when we put high stress on the CPU and graphics card. While not the lowest temperatures we’ve seen on a case it’s certainly one of the quietest weve heard so the balance seems fair.

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