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Friday | July 29, 2016
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Corsair Obsidian 650D Case Review

Corsair Obsidian 650D Case Review

Corsair Obsidian Series 650D Case Review


With the 800D and 700D Corsair had set the bar exceedingly high and this newest entry into the Obsidian range certainly had a lot to live up to. So we were delighted to find that the high quality of the previous cases has been carried on with the 650D.

The build quality of the case is excellent. All the elements of the case have a very solid feel to them and the tool free sections, such as the quick release side panels all work extremely well. The drive bays use the plastic moulds used on the 700D which means they do not feel flimsy or cheap like some competitor models.

The available room to work within the case is impressive and the layout makes building a system in the Obsidian 650D very easy. The cut-outs are well placed to support the key cables and the rubber grommets help keel the cables nice and tidy.

The general noise level of the Obsidian 650D is perfectly acceptable, even when running the fans on maximum setting and as with the other cases in the range the Obsidian 650D has excellent air flow throughout the case. The two large 200mm fans provided with the case are extremely effective and there is plenty of room for customisation of the top fan which can be replaced by two smaller fans or switched to a water cooling system.

At £135/$210 the Obsidian 650D is the cheapest case in the Obsidian range and although the larger cases in the range offer the benefits of full-tower design the Obsidian 650D is certainly well equipped for a mid-range case and at this price point is a very attractive option for anyone looking for a new mid-tower case.

Excellent build quality, great airflow, low noise, a spacious design and an ideal price point means the 650D is a great addition to Corsairs Obsidian range.

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