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Thursday | May 26, 2016
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LG Optimus 2X / G2x / P990 Android Phone with NVIDIA Tegra 2 Review

LG Optimus 2X / G2x / P990 Android Phone with NVIDIA Tegra 2 Review

On First Page2. What is Tegra 2?

LG Optimus 2X / G2x / P990 Android Phone Review

LG Optimus 2X (P990) NVIDIA Tegra 2 based Android Phone Review
(G2x for USA visitors)

Over the past couple of years one part of the industry has seen huge growth, tablet devices. Their ultra-portable form factor and touch interface mixed with decent operating systems has seen them appeal to a large group of consumers and more recently low cost models have made it affordable for those on a budget to own a reasonable system.

Despite their ever increasing specification tablets have still never really shaken off the tag that there are just big phones without any significant benefit, though models such as the Motorola Zoom with its dual core Tegra 2 based hardware does separate it from most of the market. Interestingly this move to a more powerful architecture in the tablet marketplace has seen phone manufacturers consider the same and today on our test bench we have the LG Optimus 2X (G2x for our American readers) which is the world’s first dual core phone, containing NVIDIA Tegra 2 technology for advanced graphics with high end performance and features. Is it a leap forward in mobile communications or does it signal a switch to phones becoming "just a small tablet"…

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