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OCZ Vertex 3 Max IOPS 240GB SSD Review Ptlls Essays

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OCZ Vertex 3 Max IOPS 240GB SSD (Solid State Drive) Review vs Crucial M4 (C400) and Intel 510 Series

4K QD32 Performance (CrystalDiskMark)

http://www.infosol.hu/?buy-a-dissertation-online-eve Buy A Dissertation Online Eve In this test a mechanical drive such as the Barracuda XT or VelociRaptor score around 2.0/1.5MB/s which gives us a baseline figure for performance.

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Benchmark Results

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Buy A College Report When we reviewed Intels 510 Series SSD recently we noted that the drive was scoring very low on this test and it continues to do so with the Crucial model scoring double the read performance and five times better on write. This is because Intel tunes their drive for sequential performance (transfers etc.) rather than random (OS use). This means the M4 will, in theory, give us a more responsive operating system experience. Looking to the OCZ result we see the benefit of the Max IOPS model as it exceeds the performance tuned Crucial drive by over 84MB/s on write and 12MB/s on write. If there is any drive that is going to maximise our operating system experience it is the Vertex 3.