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Sapphire Ultimate Radeon HD 6670 Graphics Cards Review

Sapphire Ultimate Radeon HD 6670 Graphics Cards Review

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Sapphire Ultimate Radeon HD 6670 Graphics Card Review

3DMark 2011 Professional / Heaven Benchmark 2.5

Graduate Personal Statement Futuremark recently released 3DMark 11 an ideal tool for comparing similar GPUs in an identical scenario so we ran the card through a benchmark which lets you compare your card with this model. We set the program to use the performance profile and these are the results we obtained.

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Benchmark Results

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http://bridgemake.com/cheap-ghost-writer-services/ Cheap Ghost Writer Services Another popular benchmark for recent GPUs is Unigine Heaven 2.5 and the result obtained by the 6670 Ultimate is shown below so that you may again compare with other GPUs on the market.

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Benchmark Results

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