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Friday | May 27, 2016
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Raptor-Gaming LM3 Mouse Review

Raptor-Gaming LM3 Mouse Review

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Raptor-Gaming LM3 Gaming Mouse Review

Raptor-Gaming LM3 Mouse Review

Recently we cast our eye over two keyboard offerings from Raptor-Gaming, the budget LK1 and the mid-range K3. The two models catered to very different needs and highlighted the range of both gamers and budgets which Raptor-Gaming support in their product range.

Today we have another new product from Raptor-Gaming, the LM3 gaming mouse. The LM3 is a mid-range gaming mouse offering simple plug and play support and we will find out if it suits the needs of today’s demanding gamers.

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    but nothing about it ignoring 1/10 clicks and all “too fastly” clicked double clicks?