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Thursday | July 28, 2016
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SteelSeries Spectrum 7XB Gaming Headset Review

SteelSeries Spectrum 7XB Gaming Headset Review

SteelSeries Spectrum 7XB Gaming Headset Review


SteelSeries continually set the bar high when delivering new products, and as such we have come to have high expectations when reviewing any products from them. The Spectrum 7XB certainly lives up to these expectations.

The headset has a high quality feel to it straight out the box. The finish on the headset is exceptional and each element feels solid. Little elements, like the headset being pre-paired with the wireless transmitter makes setting up the Spectrum 7XB very simple.

The performance of the Spectrum 7XB was excellent. With the ExactSND™ feature the Spectrum 7XB allows us to get the most out of whichever type of content or game we are playing. The sound quality is very good across the board.

The wireless performance of the Spectrum 7XB is exceptional. Although the transmitter is operating on 2.6GHz the Spectrum 7XB offers flawless audio by utilising intelligent frequency hopping to avoid interference from other devices. In fact the Spectrum 7XB will change frequency up to 344 times per second to offer crystal clear audio.

With a recommended retail price of €149.99 or $149.99 the Spectrum 7XB isn’t the cheapest wireless headset available however with unique features such as LiveMix™ the Spectrum 7XB certainly has the punch to back up its price point. The only minor quibbles and it is minor, is that a bundled travel pouch would have been appreciated.

So that leaves one question. Having used the 7XB and Razer Chimaera (stereo), which would we go for? On the style front, probably the Razer. The Chimaera again based on its re-charge function. Comfort would have to be the 7XB and gaming sound quality? that’s just too close to call, consumers will find that each offers an exceptional Xbox 360 audio experience.

With the Spectrum 7XB SteelSeries have delivered on their first wireless headset for the Xbox 360®. Simple to use, providing excellent sound quality with a number of unique features the Spectrum 7XB offers an attractive package.

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