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Transformers: Dark of the Moon Review

Transformers: Dark of the Moon Review Diversity Importance Essay

Transformers Dark of the Moon Review (XBOX 360)

Transformers Dark of the Moon Review (XBOX 360) Essays On The Birthmark Last year one of the most surprising game releases in terms of quality was Transformers: War for Cybertron. Rarely do games based on movie or TV tie-ins work but High Noon Studios had developed a game which brought the world of Autobots and Decepticons to life, packing it with action and delivering it with some good visuals and decent audio. We had a lot of fun playing through the game and recommend any Transformers fan pick it up, especially now it is likely to be a low price game. District Bank Manager Resume

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Dark of the Moon begins by giving us a short backstory in which we find that events are taking place around 3-years after the second movie. The Decepticons are nowhere to be seen and while the leaders of the world are sure they have gone forever, Optimus Prime and his Autobots feel that they are merely in hiding, waiting for a chance to strike. And so we are launched into a mission (called chapters in DotM) where we are to investigate strange goings on in South America. How To Write Admission Essays

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My Homework Market This therefore creates several styles of gameplay within each level as the various forms play completely differently. Our robot form is very weapon and interaction orientated so can fire off shots from the two main guns as well as perform special moves, for example a spin attack. Using the first chapter as an example, we also plant virus files in systems and disable equipment in robot form. When things get tough we move to Stealth mode where our ammo is unlimited and the vehicle form factor is more resilient to damage, this mode also feels different as rather than be a clunky/heavy bot we are, for example, a mix of car and hover ship. Then in full vehicle mode we are unable to fly but can travel from location to location much faster than in the other forms.

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Dark of the Moon is based on Epic’s Unreal Engine (with PhysX plugin) and like many of the other games based around this tech it looks good. That said the opening Chapter is a little bland in terms of palette but after that the environments are impressive. There are also some nice touches in terms of the interaction with these settings, the end of chapter 2 as an example see’s us in a scrap yard which has destructible sections which explode when we fire our newly upgraded Heavy Iron 2.0 weapon at them.

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Transformers: Dark of the Moon offers around 5-6 hours of single player campaign which has a lot I common with the movie franchise… essentially it is a long succession of various different explosions held together by a reasonably basic plot. For the most part that is fine because sometimes it’s just nice to sit down and take on hordes of enemy robots of various sizes.

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A unique multiplayer experience adds longer term value to the game and overall it is a fun title which is ideal for playing in advance of seeing the film, or afterwards to relive some explosive action… just don’t expect a deep plot or a particularly challenging campaign.

Fans of the Transformers franchise will get a kick out of fighting alongside Optimus Prime when he drops in to assist in our battle with the Decepticons, we certainly did.

Gameplay Suny Application Essay How To Write 80/100 A similar mechanic to the last transformers game, enhanced by Stealth mode which will be most people’s preferred style. Easy to pick up and play but not ground-breaking.
Graphics Dissertation Vices Consentement Mariage 75/100 Decent, functional and some nice touches throughout. Shame about the framerate issues.
Audio Uk Writing 85/100 Optimus Prime is awesome. That makes the game really.
Value Jurisprudence Is Like An Iceberg 78/100 Average single player campaign in terms of length, some decent unlockables. Good multiplayer.
(Not an Average) Ready Made Phd Proposal 80/100 A fun, mindless afternoon’s worth of blowing stuff up. Exactly what a game based on a Michael Bay film should be.

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