Friday | September 30, 2016
Alienware M14x Laptop Review

Alienware M14x Laptop Review

CPU Turbo Mode – Cinebench R11.5 64-bit

Cinebench has been a personal favourite test of ours for a long time now; it uses methodology comparable to a standard rendering task. It is a great indication of performance a designer can expect when using Cinema4d as the rendering engine is the same. The 64-bit build of the application was used for this test. Research Papers On Courier Services How To Write A High School Application 21


Master Thesis Purpose Find Dissertation Online Manager On the last page we saw the M14x outperform i5 Intel architecture on CPU performance by a significant amount. When we then enable turbo mode this continues to be the case and once again demonstrates the potential of the i7 CPU. We should note though that the XPS 15z also allows for configuration with an i7 model, though not quite up to the 2820QM model offered on the M14x.

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