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Sunday | May 29, 2016
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Corsair H80 vs Antec Kuhler H2O 920 Review

Corsair H80 vs Antec Kuhler H2O 920 Review

On First Page2. H80 - Packaging and Bundle

Corsair H80 CPU Cooler and Antec Kühler 920 Review

Corsair H80 CPU Cooler vs Antec Kühler H2O 920 Review

A number of years ago there was one company who were driving enthusiast cooling forward, at least for non-air units. That company was Asetek and there were a number of products they created, including the excellent Vapochill which helped them gain a hard-core audience. For the mainstream user though these high end cooling systems always seemed a little too complex or even scary to install and use. In fact, for most people changing to a large air cooler was more than they were willing to attempt… never mind a Cooler Master V10 (Air+Tec) cooler.

Then a few of years ago things started to change. CoolIT released their Domino cooler and brought liquid cooling which was pre-filled and easy to install to the market. For a couple of generations they competed with Asetek, through the fact that Corsair licenced Asetek products and it seemed that we were in for a long battle as the two manufacturers looked to enhance their products and outperform (or out-feature) the other.

Then things changed… Corsair signed a deal with CoolIT to co-produce future generations of liquid cooling systems and Asetek went looking for other manufacturers, finding Antec as a key partner.

Today we have the latest and greatest from Corsair and Antec connected to our test system as we put the H80 and Kühler 920 head to head in order to find out which is best. Can Corsair (and CoolIT’s) latest design beat the critically acclaimed Asetek/Antec model?

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