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Sapphire EDGE-HD2 Mini PC Review Thesis On Self Help Groups

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Sapphire EDGE-HD2 Mini PC Review

Power, Temperature and Noise

To test the thermal, noise and power aspects of the Edge-HD2 we recorded the readings at load using Furmark and Prime95. Idle readings were taken after the system had been sitting at the desktop, unused for 15 minutes.

  Idle Homework Help Saxons Load
EDGE-HD2 CPU 59°C 86°C
EDGE-HD2 GPU 56°C 84°C
EDGE-HD2 HD 44°C 45°C
EDGE-HD2 Power 23w 41w
EDGE-HD HD 45°C 46°C
EDGE-HD Power 23w 39w

The one thing which really jumps out about the above results is that Sapphire have clearly perfomed some tweaking to the thermal and noise balance within the Edge-HD2, these result in a system which runs hotter but at the same time remains near silent at all times, a rare thing in mini-systems.

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