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Silverstone Fortress FT03S, Zotac Z68-ITX-WiFi Motherboard and Silverstone Strider Gold 750W Power Supply Review

The Build

Product image Product image
So, on to the build process. The first step in building a system in the FT03 is to install the PSU which slides into the base of the case with the pre-wired cable talking power from the socket at the bottom of the chassis, round to the standard 3-pin connector on the PSU. We then add in our wiring such as SATA power cables and as the second image above shows, our SSD can be installed in the case at this time… just a case of screwing it into the bracket and then adding four more screws to hold it in place.

Product image Product image

Installing the motherboard in our FT03 is simple as the standoffs are pre-installed, so we simply place the IO shield in, site the board in the case and secure it in place. Given the compact form factor it is best that the cooler and memory are installed before adding the board to the system.

All that then remains is to apply the final touches to the wiring and if required add in our PCIe card. In the example above we have added a GTX 570 and clearly there is plenty of room for equivalent high end cards. The only caveat is that Silverstone recommend models which draw in air at the end, exhausting it out at the bracket.

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