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Tuesday | May 31, 2016
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SteelSeries Siberia V2 Full-Size Headset Review for PS3

SteelSeries Siberia V2 Full-Size Headset Review for PS3

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SteelSeries Siberia V2 Full-Size Headset Review - Compatible with PS3


Looking first to build quality the Siberia V2 has the usual high standard of components which we expect from SteelSeries. Each of the parts which make up the V2 feel solid and fit together well and there are no problems with rough edges or cheap feeling sections. As always the mic on the Siberia V2 is impressive, offering good quality and the ability to hide away when not in use but despite the fact the headset is high quality it would still be nice to have had replaceable wiring which features on the 7 series of headsets.

For other design aspects the first thing we have to say is that the headset looks great and while it won’t stand out due to the black colour scheme it does scream quality. The headset suspension technique is also worth mentioning as it is far more likely to get an exact fit than the standard extendable arms which are found on most headsets. In addition to this the combination of the suspension technique which minimises the feel of weight mixed with the padded leatherette earcups means that this is a very comfortable headset to wear over long gaming sessions.

For setup SteelSeries have kept things easy. Plug the headset into the AudioMixer and then the audio mixer via USB to our system/console and single 3.5mm to our display device. Xbox 360 users also need to add the 2.5mm cable to their controller for mic functionality. This does mean that there is a significant amount of cabling around, especially for those on a wired 360 controller but the lengths used feel about right to minimise clutter… though it will be interesting to see if SteelSeries branch out further to a wireless version of the headset in the future, as they did with the 7XB.

In terms of performance the Siberia V2 cannot be faulted. No matter what type of game or media we asked it to handle the headset responded and gave us an excellent experience.

So that brings us to value. For gaming headsets we always like to see manufacturers bundle items such as carry pouches and replacement earpads and SteelSeries on this occasion provide neither. That said the headset looks to be retailing at a competitive price so we can’t complain too much.

The Siberia V2 is an extremely well built headset that, thanks to its design, is feather light to wear and provides an excellent audio experience.

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