ASUS Vulcan ANC (Active-Noise-Cancelling) Pro Gaming Headset Review

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ASUS Vulcan ANC - Active-Noise-Cancelling Pro Gaming Headset Review

ASUS Vulcan ANC Pro Gaming Headset

As we saw on the last page the Vulcan ANC is a headband style headset and it folds up in order to fit in the protective travel case. There is no branding on the top of the headband and on the other side is a memory foam pad for comfort. The two joints which we fold are located just to the sides of the foam pad and they lock into place when extended, requiring a simple push to fold. We can extend the headset by around 1 inch on each side by pulling the earcups down and there are 11 notches on each metal extender.

ASUS state that the Vulcan ANC weighs 325g and has a carbon fibre finish for enhanced durability.

As with most mid to high end headsets the Vulcan ANC have a design which allows us to remove and replace the ear cushions and ASUS provide leatherette versions with memory foam padding inside. Interestingly, rather than providing a swivel joint for the cups to maximise the fit potential, ASUS have essentially set the red plastic sections of the earcups to "float" in the headset arms, offering a wide range of movement in every direction.

The headset uses 40mm drivers and each earpiece has a frequency response of 10Hz-20,000Hz with an impedance of 32 Ohms.

Looking a little closer at the outside of the earcups we have, on the right, a small button on the base which pops off the RoG logo to reveal the battery compartment. This battery powers our active noise cancelling technology and ASUS rate this at 15dB/85% ambient noise cancellation with passive noise isolation rated at 30dB and the battery should last for around 40 hours of gaming.

To enable/disable noise cancellation we flick the switch found on the left earcup, just behind the audio in and mic ports.

The microphone used on the Vulcan ANC uses a katana-shaped design which continues the black and red theme. This is a noise filtering model which can be removed when not in use. A rubber section in the middle allows us to bend the mic to a location of our choice.

We noted above that there is a port on the left ear cup for our audio cable, this of course means our cable is removable and therefore replaceable at a later date. ASUS provide a rubberised cord which has a control pod around 1m down the cable. This pod gives us a volume dial, mic mute switch and clip to attach the cable to our clothing. Asus end the cable in two gold plated 3.5mm connectors and there is a rubber section near the end which allows us to store the mic plug when that aspect is not in use.

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