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Enermax MAXREVO 1350W Power Supply Review

Enermax MAXREVO 1350W Power Supply Review

Enermax MAXREVO 1350W Power Supply Review

Testing Results – Synthetic College Term Papers

Enermax MAXREVO 1350w Power Supply Power Supply Testing Results
Customized Book Reports 40°C 340W Dissertation Conference Call 675W 1010W Does Homework Help You Learn Essay 1350W Camp Dissertation 3.3V 3.39V 3.35V 3.31V 3.29V
Need Essay Written 5V 5.03V 5.02V 4.99V 4.97V
Lord Of The Flies Paper 12V 12.20V 12.09V 12.01V 11.95V
Efficiency 89.4% 91.1% 89.3% 88.0% Expert Resume Writing Help Noise Level
(PSU Only)
22dBA 23dBA 25dBA 29dBA
Essay On How To Help The Poor Ambient Temp 25°C 25°C 25°C 25°C
Exhaust Temp 26.1°C 27.0°C 29.2°C 31.0°C

Oscilloscope AC Ripple (mV p-p) +3.3 +5 +12
1350W Distribution Resume Service Top 10 How To Write Your Dissertation Abstract 14 31

We have made a slight change to our test reporting for multi 12v rail designs in this review with the lowest readings from 12v shown rather than every 12v reading. It should make the table easier to follow, especially when compared to one with six 12v lines.

In our first set of results, shown above, we look at the performance of the MAXREVO when using our various testing tools to run the PSU in a controlled environment at 40c. Looking first to the 12v, 3.3v and 5v performance we see a unit which supplies good readings across the board. Up to 100w the unit stays above its rated specs and it is only when pushing on to around 1300w that we see any sort of significant drop, though we are still within specification. AC ripple is great on each of the readings and Enermax are well within requirements at 10/14(out of 50) on 3.3/5v and 31(out of 120) on 12v which is an exceptional result.

Looking at the efficiency of the PSU, the MAXREVO 1350w model has no problems exceeding the Gold specification at 25/50 and 75% though it doesn’t quite hit the 94% reading that Enermax claim (which could be down to environmental conditions). At 100% load we are bang on the Gold requirement. Noise levels also impress with the unit remaining quiet up to 75% load and a little beyond.

Finally we have exhaust temperature. The results produced by our sample were great, something we expect of a unit with such high efficiency.

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