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Hard Reset (PC)

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Other than the aforementioned raging robotic enemy and the occasional corpse the levels are bereft of NPCs. The only contact Fletcher has with anyone is through a Metal Gear Solid style com-channel which supplies the basic controls at the beginning of the game and provides hints and objectives throughout. The objectives themselves are the undemanding “go there and press that button” type that adds to the familiar feel and produces a nostalgic charm for us “old school gamers”.

In terms of items the equipment used by Fletcher seems basic as we only get two guns… as the game progresses though we discover that it is much more that “just two guns”. Fletcher is initially equipped with an assault rifle and a plasma rifle, an energy weapon and a solid projectile firing weapon. As we progressed through the game we pick up N.A.N.O (in game currency) which can be used at upgrade booths. Each weapon type has five modifications and each mod has a primary fire upgrade and a secondary fire upgrade. This means that the game has much more variation than it first seems and although the overall look of the weapon stays the same the use changes significantly. The assault rifle for example gets an extra section added to make it into a combat shotgun, rocket launcher, grenade launcher and proximity mine launcher. Similarly the plasma rifle can be modified into a shock blaster, particle cannon, electric mortar and smartgun.

Of course each weapon has its pros and cons and picking the right gun for the fight can make a big difference.

As well as modifying the weapons at the upgrade booth it is also possible to improve health, shield and ammo. Additionally a Tactical Scanner can be purchased and the Hard Reset version of “bullet time” can be enabled and improved in the same way. In total we are given three distinct areas to change with five specific modifications all with two additional upgrade. In all there are some forty five difference tweaks to the basic weapons and stats that we feel will satisfy any gaming style and help the player create a screen shaking, colourful, sensory assault of metallic gore.

Dissertation Committee Reviewer Reports Graphics and Audio:

Hard Reset SS1

The visuals in Hard Reset are impressive and the designers have expertly captured the aesthetic and characteristics of a Blade Runner style city. Each level is packed with detail and each distant background is filled with motion. From flickering neon signs to distant flying cars it all adds up to give a slick, engaging environment which really enhances the game.

As well as the stunning backgrounds most of the objects can be moved or at least blown up. They have weight, textures which seamlessly change when damaged and are crisp and clear. The visual effects are also outstanding. Each weapon type creates a different type of pyrotechnic which not only looks different but affects the surrounding area uniquely creating a distinct pattern of light, shadow and damage. Overall a work of cyberpunk art.

The audio is similarly well executed. The background noise enhances the feel of the level without being too distracting, each weapon and metallic monster has its own unique sound effect and this is only enhanced when the chaotic combat is accompanied by alarmingly loud explosions. Writing Help Summary: Research Papers Electronics Hard Reset SS3

Hard Reset is extremely enjoyable, it has a retro feel to it but does everything well and will appeal to those of us bored with the market saturating FPS modern day war games. The controls offer pick up and play familiarity and the objectives are never too complex. Additionally the look and feel of the levels, gameplay and enemies creates a tense and claustrophobic atmosphere reminiscent of the creepier parts of Resident Evil in places.

Overall Hard Reset, from Flying Wild Hog, is the lovechild of Doom, Quake, Deus Ex, Halo, Cyberpunk 2020 and Blade Runner… and it’s beautiful…

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