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Hard Reset

Hard Reset

Hard Reset (PC)

Hard Reset (PC) Tom Macroeconomics Term Papers Last month we previewed Hard Reset for the PC and found it to be a romping, stomping, carnage filled chaotic FPS with enjoyable gameplay and an engrossing environment. It combines all of the best bits of classic shoot ’em’ ups and sets it in a Blade Runner/Cyber Punk 2020 style universe. This coupled with between level cut scenes reminiscent of a Frank Miller comic made the game stylish and engaging throughout.

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Product image How To Start A History Essay Phd Thesis Transportation Gameplay
Set in the year 2436 in Bezoar city. We play as Fletcher, a proud soldier of the Corporation, a Sentinel of the Sanctuary, defender of Bezoar from enemy machines. The levels follow the standard and familiar FPS path to the end but combine this with secret areas, interactive scenery and performance related achievements which make our route through Bezoar City engaging. Religion Assignment Help

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Writers Inc Persuasive Essay Unremarkable as they are, these controls typify Hard Reset. They are well thought out, easy to use and don’t get in the way of some enjoyable gameplay. Master Thesis Waste Management Sms Whatsapp Spy Phone Locate

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Other than the aforementioned raging robotic enemy and the occasional corpse the levels are bereft of NPCs. The only contact Fletcher has with anyone is through a Metal Gear Solid style com-channel which supplies the basic controls at the beginning of the game and provides hints and objectives throughout. The objectives themselves are the undemanding "go there and press that button" type that adds to the familiar feel and produces a nostalgic charm for us "old school gamers".

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Product image Compare Contrast Essays As well as modifying the weapons at the upgrade booth it is also possible to improve health, shield and ammo. Additionally a Tactical Scanner can be purchased and the Hard Reset version of "bullet time" can be enabled and improved in the same way. In total we are given three distinct areas to change with five specific modifications all with two additional upgrade. In all there are some forty five difference tweaks to the basic weapons and stats that we feel will satisfy any gaming style and help the player create a screen shaking, colourful, sensory assault of metallic gore.

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Product image Dissertation Sur Le Rire Buy A Business Plans Graphics and Audio
The visuals in Hard Reset are impressive and the designers have expertly captured the aesthetic and characteristics of a Blade Runner style city. Each level is packed with detail and each distant background is filled with motion. From flickering neon signs to distant flying cars it all adds up to give a slick, engaging environment which really enhances the game.

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Professional Executive Resume Writing Services That said, one part of the graphics seems incomplete and doesn’t work with the rest of the game and this is the button press graphic. It’s a little white hand, the kind we get when we hover over link or image on the internet. We forgave this lack of graphical judgment when we previewed the game as we hoped that it would be changed in the full game but alas it was not to be the case.

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Hard Reset is extremely enjoyable, it has a retro feel to it but does everything well and will appeal to those of us bored with the market saturating FPS modern day war games. The controls offer pick up and play familiarity and the objectives are never too complex. Additionally the look and feel of the levels, gameplay and enemies creates a tense and claustrophobic atmosphere reminiscent of the creepier parts of Resident Evil in places.

However the game has a flaw, it does become a little repetitive and more variation of gameplay would have been appreciated. We completed the game in 6 hours, which is fine as this is not a full price title, and by the end the player will feel that anything more would have been a chore to play through. This typifies Hard Reset. It is a game that looks amazing but doesn’t bring anything new. It does this very well, borrowing ideas from the best FPS titles but suffers a little through not having its own.

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Regardless, well worth a purchase as the overall feeling when playing is one of fun and enjoyment.

Gameplay 80/100 Engrossing, engaging, enjoyable.
Graphics 90/100 A work of cyberpunk art.
Audio Dissertation Nursing Degree 90/100 Well executed sound effects and good voice acting.
Value Attendance Tracker App Android 75/100 6hrs of play for around £20, decent value.
(Not an Average) Construction Dissertation 80/100 A thoroughly enjoyable game, though unlikely to have any replay potential.

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