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ASUS Slider (SL101) Android Tablet Review

ASUS Slider (SL101) Android Tablet Review Business Plan Writer Reviews

ASUS Eee Pad Slider (SL101) Android Tablet Review

Specifications and OS Experience

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Our Slider shipped with Android 3.2 (Honeycomb) pre-installed however as with the Transformer ASUS have been quick to show they offer timely updates as the free, over the air, update to 3.2.1 was ready and waiting for us when we turned on the device. Updating is a quick and easy process as the device reboots to install, retaining our settings and data and taking no more than a couple of minutes.

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Product image Product image Best Essays Ever Written For the initial setup process we get a reasonably standard Honeycomb based wizard which takes us though settings such as wireless, input and account settings.

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ASUS stick closely to the standard Android interface, applying minimal tweaks to the system which they call Waveshare UI and giving us some handy shortcuts to key applications on the various home screens.

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MyCloud provides access to remote content on the Slider (or any device really) allowing is to stream content to our tablet. MyNet brings the streaming tasks closer to home allowing us to play content on other devices within our network and we also get access to ASUS WebStorage. ASUS WebStorage gives us access to an "unlimited" remote storage where we can store and access files such as pictures, music and documents.

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Product image I Cant Do My Physics Homework Looking a little closer at the screen quality and overall OS use we have a device which very much feels like a high end Honeycomb tablet. Flicking between screens happens fast, gaming and video are displayed with excellent clarity and programs open fast on first boot. The Slider also had no trouble connecting to our other devices and offered stable Wi-Fi connectivity. There were only two minor issues worthy of note. The first is specific to our device we believe and was a small amount of backlight bleed from the top left of the screen which wasn’t evident on our Transformer so we assume a pre-release sample issue. The second was some small stuttering when swiping from picture to picture in the gallery, this could do with some optimisation in a future OS update.

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