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Tuesday | May 31, 2016
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ASUS Slider (SL101) Android Tablet Review

ASUS Slider (SL101) Android Tablet Review

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ASUS Eee Pad Slider (SL101) Android Tablet Review


Starting off with the build quality of the Slider we have a device which feels solid in the hand, mainly thanks to its decent weight of 900g+ and there are no loose sections or ill-fitting joints. The screen looks great and retail samples should match the excellent quality of the Transformer as well as other high end tablets with great brightness, clarity and viewing angles. Gorilla Glass is of course an added benefit, ensuring our screen stays in great condition over time. Additionally any pre-testing concerns we had about the Slider feeling flimsy when open were dismissed as there is a very solid feel to the opening movement and the screen is held in place solidly.

Speaking of that Sliding design it very clearly offers an alternative to pretty much every tablet out there, even the Transformer, and our experiences were on the whole very positive. ASUS have certainly decided that it will receive heavy use in its open position as aspects such as the back mounted power/HDMI show (these would be top mounted in tablet operation) and we found the keyboard easy to type on after an initial adjustment period.

Comparisons with the Transformer are of course inevitable and for the most part the Slider does well in this regard. We again get a quality screen and solid build and the internal specifications are essentially the same. Where the Slider does loose out is in battery life (assuming we have the Transformer dock) and overall styling where we prefer the textured back panel of the Transformer.

Looking to performance there is little to fault the Slider, it has good battery life for a high end tablet and runs Honeycomb with ease, other than minor niggles such as smoothness in the gallery. Streaming content worked well and sound quality was decent for a tablet.

So that brings us to value where we find the Slider currently available for £445/$479 which is a good price point, just a little above the keyboard-less Tablet S, entry level iPad 2 and Galaxy Tab’s. A travel case and cleaning cloth would be a nice addition though on any tablet.

A quality unit with a design which will appeal to those looking for a device that works well as a tablet with touch input while being able to "transform" when longer typing sessions are required.

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