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Wednesday | August 24, 2016
Dell Inspiron 14z Laptop Review Phd Thesis Crm Get College Papers Cover Letter For Associate Director Of Admissions

Dell Inspiron 14z Laptop Review

Conclusion Essay Writing Describe When we receive systems from Dell they come with a certain level of expectation attached. Alienware systems we all know are high end kit, the XPS range not quite as gamer orientated and of course Inspiron’s are more mainstream… so it was quite a surprise to find that the Inspiron 14z had such a high quality finish, not only on the lid but on then palm rests and keyboard surround too. The impressive build quality and design continues elsewhere with a system that is less than an inch thick and Dell’s decision to add port covers is a nice touch that only adds to the feel that this system is higher quality than the average machine.

In terms of how the 14 inch form factor feels, we have to say that it seems the ideal mix of size and portability. We never felt cramped as can sometimes be the case on smaller systems and the screen still had a similar feel to 15.6" models. In fact it is very much the ideal compromise that we see in the tablet market where 9" models tend to feel that bit better than 7" and 10" devices.

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The Inspiron 14z offers great build quality and design for its class, mixing portability with a decent CPU for great everyday performance.

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