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FORZA Motorsport 4

FORZA Motorsport 4

FORZA Motorsport 4 (XBOX 360)

FORZA Motorsport 4 (XBOX 360)

Since the dawn of mankind racing games have been a popular genre on consoles and PC’s… well maybe not that far back but certainly back to the early days of gaming at home and in arcades… titles such as Ridge Racer, Lotus Esprit Turbo Challenge and even further back Pole Position blazed a trail for more recent franchises like Gran Tourismo and Project Gotham which have gone on to redefine what we expect from racing titles. Sell English Essays Online Research Paper On Eating Disorders And The Media

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Right from the outset Forza 4 makes it clear that this is a game designed for car enthusiasts with an introduction voiced by BBC Top Gear’s Jeremy Clarkson who eloquently voices his disdain with the real worlds move towards hybrid cars and environmentally correct evolutions that remove the fun from our real world driving experience. From there it would be a rather bizarre decision for Turn 10 to force us into some lowly hatchback where we had to grind through a championship or two until we get some real speed so it is a welcome discovery to be thrown into a decent quality car to race through the Swiss Alps.

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Compare And Contrast Writing This easy pick up and play style continues into the rest of the game where we are presented with numerous types of gameplay such as the ability to tweak assists, drop into quick races, hot laps and the like or head online into the Forza community. When playing online the quick matches and race creation are available but Turn 10 have also included some variation through the inclusion of gameplay styles such as Virus, cat and mouse and keeping the it. Using the latter as an example the aim is to be "it" for as long as possible during a set time. Get tagged by another car and they become it… simple but fun. Write Research Online Gay Research Papers Gambling Essay Conclusion

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Let’s get the negative out of the way first, Forza 4 feature one of those generic electropopdancerocknonsense scores that feature in most racing games, it offers nothing to the game and unless that style of music is something the player is a fan off we suggest turning it down because from there the only way is up as we get some great, varied engine sounds, tyre screeches and crash sounds for the less able drivers amongst us.

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When buying Forza Motorsport 4 we are not just purchasing a game, we are getting an experience and that summary of a game has never been truer than in this case. Turn 10 have gone to great lengths to make a game which offers a staggering amount of content which can be accessed as a quick pick up and play title or played as a far more detailed game. Essays For Sale

Looking next to what Kinect offers us, we have to admit that our first reaction upon seeing that Forza 4 had this functionality was that it was not going to be a good idea. We are big fans of Kinect and think it has a lot of potential but this didn’t seem like the place to begin exploring that. Overall though it works well, even if it is a bit gimmicky. The least effective mode is using Kinect as a controller, it just doesn’t feel right over long gaming sessions and the new wireless wheel would be much more effective in increasing immersiveness. Head tracking is a decent use of the technology though and adds to the race experience. Then we have Autovista which is a whole bunch of fun, at least for the first few times using it. Being able to walk around a Ferarri, Veryon or classic car in our living room has a certain level of geek pleasing fun to it and we can see plenty of visitors being forced to try it out in the near future.

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Of course the straight up racing experience of Forza Motorsport 4 is what matters the most and in this area Turn 10 have completely delivered. Each of the cars has a unique feel, the circuit’s different style/challenge and visually the game pulls everything together well along with delivering a feeling of real speed in the faster cars. Really the only aspect that is in need of improvement is the score… how we wish that a developer would realise that allowing us to import our own music into a driving game is a great idea. Tearing round the Swiss alps in a supercar to our favourite album, yes please.

This is of course a minor blip in an otherwise hugely impressive game which is enhanced further by the release of extra cars for those who buy early copies and the Limited Edition for enthusiasts which includes steel case, extra cars, VIP community membership, Top Gear book and vinyl sticker set. Writing Services For Windows Summary
93/100 – F1 2011 offered the technical racing game of 2011 however Forza Motorsport 4 delivers the biggest and best racing experience we have seen to date. A classic.

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