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Gigabyte GA-A55-DS3P Motherboard Review Master Dissertationswriting A Masters Dissertation Binding

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Gigabyte GA-A55-DS3P AMD A55 Motherboard Review


When Gigabyte were designing and building the A55-DS3P they could really have cut loads of corners, after all people expect less of a budget products, but instead the same care and attention has gone into this board as we would expect from a more expensive model, even down to the use of decent Southbridge heatsink and the inclusion of dual BIOS for easy recovery from problems.

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The lack of SATA 3 and USB 3 will limit those looking to use the latest (expensive) devices with this board however on every other level it competes well with the A75. CPU, memory and graphics performance were all near identical to the other models and we had no problems running the fastest APU and GPU around. Overclocking was also quick and simple which added extra performance for the low cost of the build.

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A solid board from Gigabyte which offers a low cost entry into the APU market.

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