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OCZ RevoDrive Hybrid PCIe (100GB SSD / 1TB HDD) Review

OCZ RevoDrive Hybrid PCIe (100GB SSD / 1TB HDD) Review

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OCZ RevoDrive Hybrid 100GB SSD / 1TB HD Review Master Sigma Six Thesis

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Benchmark Results Research Paper Maker Top Cv Writing Services London In our final real world tests for this review we look at the load times achieved by the drives in two common scenarios, the first is the time taken to boot to a responsive Windows 7 desktop. For this the time recorded is from the "Windows Starting" screen appearing to the stage when out pointer becomes active on the desktop. The second test is the time taken from launching a StarCraft 2 level to seeing the "press any key to continue" message and in both cases we can see clear evidence of the data analysis and performance enhancements at work. The Hybrid gains significantly on boot 2 with smaller updates after that. On game loading we see gains immediately also with the final result being a 3 second load time, down from 15 seconds which outperforms the Intel technology by a couple of seconds.

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