OCZ RevoDrive Hybrid PCIe (100GB SSD / 1TB HDD) Review

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OCZ RevoDrive Hybrid 100GB SSD / 1TB HD Review

OCZ RevoDrive Hybrid

The RevoDrive Hybrid is similar in appearance to some of the previous RevoDrive models due to the use of a black colour scheme and dual PCBs. We have a main PCB which houses the equivalent of SSD/Cache area and controller that has a passive heatsink. Connected to this main board by a single connector and bolted in place is a second, smaller PCB which is the location for our 2.5" mechanical hard drive.

A single PCIe slot bracket sits at the end of the card with perforations which allow airflow in and around the heatsink. The PCIe Gen2 4x connector can clearly be seen at the bottom of the card and the dimensions of the RevoDrive Hybrid are 167x98x22mm and it weighs 289g.

Looking a little closer we see that OCZ use a Toshiba HDD2K51 for this product, a 5400RPM model with 8mb of its own on-board cache. The controllers used in the SSD area are SandForce SF-2281VB1-SDC branded with the OCZ proprietary RAID controller connecting the drives(more on that shortly). There are 16 MLC NAND flash chips, 8 per Sandforce controller, arranged in rows of four. These are OCZ branded M2501064TD48AX21. On the RevoDrive Hybrid the NAND configuration used gives the drive a formatted capacity of 93GB in Windows 7 with the mechanical portion sitting at 931GB.

In terms of performance specifications the 1TB model is rated for 910MB/s read with write at 810MB/s and this close ratio of read to write is once again partially down to the SandForce controllers and their data management algorithms. For IOPS performance OCZ rate the drive at 120,000 4KB Random Write with average at 65,000IOPS. Also worth noting is that this drive uses 10w when active and 8.1w idle. Additionally the drive has a reliability specification of 1 million hours and a warranty of 3-years.

Shown above is the RevoDrive Hybrid in action and we can see the status LEDs which have been carried across to this drive. The proprietary OCZ controller technology has also been carried across from RevoDrive 3 drives and is known as "OCZ SuperScale Storage Controller"; it has several key features thanks to their VCA 2.0 support. This includes SMART and in future support for TRIM (OCZ are working with Microsoft to add support for TRIM as soon as possible). We also get OCZ’s command queuing and balancing algorithms which minimise CPU use. VCA 2.0 is also the reason we can use the Toolbox software for firmware update and secure erase operations.

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