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Corsair Performance Pro 256GB SSD Review

Conclusion History Essays Online Starting with the build quality of the Performance Pro we have a device which improves on many SSDs on the market by using an all metal chassis. This gives it a solid feel which as well as looking good offers protection to the components inside. Speaking of internal components, as expected Corsair use a selection of quality branded items including Nanya cache and Toshiba storage.

Corsair’s Marvell implementation is the most impressive yet with the latest revision controller and their firmware offering a fast drive with good balance between read and write operations. It regularly offered performance at the same level as the fastest Sandforce models and in tests such as larger file transfers of movies and music the Performance Pro was our fastest drive in this roundup. Intro To An Essay Essay On Social Networking A high quality implementation of the Marvell architecture, the Performance Pro is a very impressive SSD which competes at the high end of the SATA 3 market.

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