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Corsair Performance Pro 256GB SSD Review Best Writing Service

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Corsair Performance Pro 256GB SSD Review

The Corsair Performance Pro SSD Thesis Professors Mcmaster

Product image Product image

Product image

Admission Paper For Sale 6 Corsair have tweaked their SSD casing since we last looked at a drive and it is now slightly more curved at the corners with the screws securing each half in place located on the side. A product sticker can be found on the top and flipping the drive over we see the SATA 3 power and data connectors.

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Product image Product image How To Start Your College Admissions Essay Inside Corsair populate a single side of the green PCB with NAND flash and in this case it is eight 32GB MLC NAND flash chips. These are Toshiba branded and are toggle mode 34nm parts. Along with these we find cache in the form of two 256MB NANYA DDR3 chips.

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Top Custom Essay Sites On this drive the NAND configuration used gives the drive a formatted capacity of 238GB in Windows 7 and Corsair rate their SATA 3 based 256GB model at 515MB/s read with write at 440MB/s. IOPS are rated at 65,000 random write and this performance is then maintained by TRIM in operating systems such as Windows 7 and inbuilt garbage collection on RAID systems. Finally, when in use the Performance Pro uses 1.4A.