Razer Battlefield 3 Gaming Gear: BlackWidow Ultimate, Imperator, Onza and Scarab Review

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Razer Battlefield 3 Gaming Gear - BlackWidow Ultimate, Imperator, Onza and Scarab Review

Razer Battlefield 3 Gear: BlackWidow Ultimate Keyboard, Onza Tournament Edition XBOX 360 Controller, Imperator 2012 Gaming Mouse and Scarab Gaming Surface Review

In recent times we have seen a number of very impressive products from Razer. The BlackWidow Ultimate as an example is one of the best, if not the best, mechanical gaming keyboards available. The Onza Tournament Edition for PC/360 is without doubt the best controller for those platforms with some excellent features which really benefit gaming and we have been very impressed with the Chimaera wireless headsets which allow us to enjoy our audio at the PC/console or anywhere else within a 10m radius.

Just because they are exceptional products in their category doesn’t mean they are not open for some tweaking though and clearly there are some key titles available at the moment which have avid fans.

Battlefield 3 is one of those killer titles which draws a lot of interest and aiming to offer those consumers something a little more interesting than the average peripheral is Razers BF3 Collectors Edition products. We have the BlackWidows Ultimate keyboard, Onza Tournament Edition controller, Imperator 2012 mouse and Scarab pad on our test bench today to find out how they have changed and whether they are the ideal gift for a Battlefield aficionado this holiday season.

Packaging and Bundle

The various Battlefield 3 Collectors Edition items arrive in packaging which looks similar to the standard versions however with Battlefield 3 art on the boxes. Inside we find a standard selection of items for Razer which includes product documentation and case stickers. We also get a code with each to unlock a special item on the PC version of BF3 and with the Scarab pad is a good quality hard case for protection between locations.

NOTE: All of the Battlefield 3 items, with the exception of the XBOX 360 Onza controller arrive with a voucher to get Razer Serpent Dog Tags for use in Origin.

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