Tritton Detonator XBOX 360 Headset Review

1. Introduction3. User Experience and Conclusion

Tritton XBOX 360 Detonator Stereo Headset Review

The Tritton Detonator Headset

Looking first at the overall design we have a headset that features 50mm drivers with Neodymium magnet earcups. The earcups are finished black gloss plastic and accented with matt black plastic section. Each earcup has an angular design which is forms a snug asymmetrical shape around our ear. The outside of the each earcup feature the double T logo used by Tritton and both ear cups feature leatherette padding for extra comfort.

The headband is made from this same matt black plastic and has XBOX 360 highlighted on the top. The underside of the headband is padded with a matt black finish soft touch flexible rubber.

The earcups have adjustable extensions from the headband that can extend the headset by up to 30mm and they also pivot left and right. The left earcup has the connection for the microphone which is detachable and the microphone itself is extremely flexible and measures 180mm, including the microphone head.

In terms of specifications the Detonator has the afore mentioned 50mm drivers with neodymium magnets and each earpiece has a frequency response of 20Hz-20kHz with impedance of 32Ω at 1kHZ and the THD is 0.03.

At the end of the 1m cable, coming out of the left ear cup, we connect the in-line control pod. The control pod then connects to our gaming system via a 14ft cable which ends in a silver plated USB connector (used to power the headset) and RCA connectors. 3.5mm jacks for both the headset audio and microphone are also present on the pod.

The control pod 3 buttons on the top and 2 volume control wheels on the side. The top buttons mute the microphone, mute game audio and turn on or off selectable voice monitoring (SVM). The volume controls alter game volume and chat volume.

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